Humro Home Ghalaytar (Upper Sitong)

If your dream vacation includes a wish to watch the mighty Kanchenjunga from your wooden cabin in a remote hilly village homestay, yet to stay within a comfortable distance of the major towns of North Bengal such as Kurseong and Darjeeling, your search ends here. Come to Humro Home Ghalaytar in Upper Sitong, Kurseong division.



Our Homestay is located within 2 Hours drive from NJP rail station and just 35 kms from Darjeeling town. Ghaleytar is in Sitong village near Kurseong, in Darjeeling district. The Sitong homestsay is situated at an altitude of about 4500 feet or about 1350 meters. It is about 500 meters from “Mana” crossing at the upper ridges of Sitong hill.

Your Host

Bikram Rai runs his own Homestay at Ghalaytar for many years now. When he decided to construct 4 new cottages adjacent to his home, he came to Humro Home and decided to be part of our family. Mr. Rai has many years experience in managing home stay tourism, he is known to welcome tourists to his Homestay and send back friends.

The Property

The Home Stay

The new accommodation was constructed in 2017. There are 4 wooden cottages adjacent to one another. The rooms are large with modern amenities. Large window offers grand view of the majestic mountain. There is a large veranda in front of the rooms. The toilet and the rooms are fitted with latest and best material. Arguably among the Sitong accommodations, this one is the best available.

There is a seating area as well as dining hall in the eco-resort. There is separate room for drivers accommodation at our Sitong village homestay. Free car parking is also available. Behind the Humro Home Ghalaytar there is a large hilly area where adventure activities such as rock climbing etc. can be organised. Also the area is quite beautiful and can be visited for a leisurely walk.

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Getting There

Getting There

From NJP / Bagdogra drive through the National Highway 10 connecting North Bengal with Sikkim. As you drive along the hill with Teesta on your right, you will find two roads going uphill at your left. One is at a place called Kalijhora (about 35 kms from NJP) and the other one is at a place known as Birik Dara (5 kms further down the road). You may take either of the roads and drive uphill to reach Mana. From Mana take the downhill road towards your right to reach our Sitong Homestsay 500 meters ahead. From NJP to Ghalaytar via Kalijhora is 54 kms and through Birik is about 5 kms extra.



The weather at Sitong area varies widely with altitude. Ghaleytar being at the upper ridges of Sitong, the weather here is cooler. During summer months of April – June the weather is comfortably warm. During day time you may not need woollen, but the evenings are cooler and will require warm clothing. July to September is the rainy season. Rain here is heavy and the misty cloudy weather gives a magical look to the entire area. October and November are cold and temperature may vary between 15 to 20 degrees during day time. However this is the best time to see the mountains from Sitong as after heavy rain visibility is at its best. December to February is the winter here with temperature varying between 5 to 15 degrees during day time. Overnight temperature may go to freezing point.



Local attractions in the Sitong area include Sitong church, Orange orchards, Riyang river as well as Namthing Pokhari. A day tour may be conducted in different directions depending on the time you have in hand.

Our Homestay at Ghalaytar Sitong is located centrally. You can travel in three directions from here.

The East bound road from our eco-resort at Ghalaytar will take you to Namthing Pokhari about 4 kms away. One km further away is the Ahal Dara viewpoint offering mesmerising view of surrounding mountains. Further 3 kms drive will take you to Latpanchar, a birding hotspot. From our resort to Latpanchar is about 20 minutes drive.

Tour to the west bound road from Ghalaytar travels through a long ridge that connects to Bagora 12 kms away. From Bagora you can visit Chatakpur (10 kms) or go to Darjeeling (21 kms). So Darjeeling is just 33 kms (1.5 Hours) drive away.

The north bound road takes you on a downhill tour. The area is famous for Sitong orange orchards. Further downhill you may visit Sitong Church and continue to drive downhill for about 6 kms from our Homestay to reach Jogighat. This is a picnic spot for locals over river Riyang. Drive uphill for another 5 kms to reach Mangpu, a place made famous by Rabindranath tagore.

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