Humro Home Pedong

is a home stay, you stay with the hospitable Rai family at their traditional home in the middle of Pedong. Being located at the heart of the town has its advantages, you can walk down to the local market even at odd hours, yet this homestay has its own garden which continues into farmland.

Our partner here is an retired defence official who build a personal museum dedicated to his culture, that is getting lost in the fast advancing modernisation blitz.

His son, who looks after the homestay now, has spent years on a German cruise liner.  His daughter has run marathons all over the world and represented India in several forums. You can’t help but fall in love with the Rai family and what they stand for, simple village life rooted into tradition, welcoming people and culture from all across to come and stay with them.



Humro Home Pedong is located about 500 meters from Pedong Police station, which is at the heart of the small town. Pedong is well known for its multiplicity of good schools, most of which is located within a km from our homestay. Humro Home Pedong is located on the main road connecting Pedong with Reshi on the Sikkim Bengal boarder. The Sikkim boarder is roughly 13 kms downhill from Pedong.


Getting There

Most tourists travelling from Siliguri / Bagdogra / NJP transport hub, should be going to Kalimpong and then onwards to Pedong. Kalimpong is little above 2 hours drive from Siliguri. From Kalimpong, take the Kalimpong Lava road to reach Algarah. Here the road bifurcates, take the left road to reach Pedong. Most people coming from Sikkim would prefer the Aritar, Rhenok, Reshi to Pedong road. However at the time of writing this, entry for international travellers were not allowed through this boarder.

Travel time to Pedong from NJP is about 3.5 Hours. If needed, we can arrange for your pick up and drop provided we are informed well in advance.



Weather at Pedong is quite comfortable most of the year. You should be carrying light woollen during summer and heavy woollen during winter. Rain is quite frequent and may occur anytime of year though July to September it rains most heavily.



Pedong used not part of the main tourist itinerary till a few years back. Many tourist destinations cropped up all around including Lava, Rishyop and Sillerygaon. Pedong arrived late, but with sure footing. Over the last decade it has come up as a tourist destination due to its inherent attractions as well as its proximity to the newly famous “Silk Route”.

The silk route refers to the route followed by Indian and Tibetan traders before the Chinese took over control of Tibet. Till early 1960’s traders from both side of the boarder used to visit the others country on foot.

The tourist attraction of the Silk route lies in its natural beauty. The high altitude pastures and forests of Gnathang valley, Dzuluk, Memenchu and Baba Mandir, attracts tourists here. Pedong has become a major starting point for tourists visiting the Silk route.
Pedong in itself can be a good place to spend a quite day among nature. Ramitey Dara is a view point offering grand view of the Teesta river, The tinchuley hill is half an hours hike to a hill top with great view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. The remnants of the Bhutanese kingdom that occupied the area during 18th century can still be seen around Pedong. There is a British era bungalow at Rikkisum which is in ruins, but the place offers grand view of the surrounding especially during sunrise.

There is a old monastery at Pedong named Sangchen dorjee monastery, the monastery is one of the oldest in the region and is worth a visit.

Crosshill is another beautiful view point where a cross is erected in memory of the British soldiers who visited Bhutan never to return. The Crosshill also offers magnificent view of the surrounding mountain area.


The Home Stay

There are 4 rooms in the Homestay, including an attic room, a deluxe double room and two standard rooms. Behind the lodge is a well maintained garden with trees of oranges, Avocado and a variety of other trees. There is a shade for you to spend a quiet evening.

Inside the Rai family maintained Maya Museum is a must see. Spend some hours conversing with the old and new generation of the family.



At all Humro Home accommodations, we provide clean and decent amenities at the room without any frill. All rooms have attached toilet with running hot and cold water.



Clean basic food is served. There is a restaurant attached but food can also be served in the room if required. As in case of any homestay, we do not suggest or promote ordering special food. If you have special requirements, it is always recommended that you communicate early with our local partner.

Indian Breakfast consists of Puri Bhaji Chai, else you may try the option of Bread toast with butter or Jam. Lunch is primarily of rice, Dal, vegetables with fish or Egg. At dinner we mostly serve you with chicken. Tea and snacks is served in the evening. Food is sufficient and hygienically cooked.



You may book through the online reservation system on top left of this page or by calling 1800-123-3759 (Toll Free).

Glimpses of Humro Home Pedong

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