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The name Suntalekhola is formed of two words, Suntale meaning oranges and khola meaning small hill stream in Nepali. The small stream nearby named after the popular oranges produced here, is quite a popular destination for tourists visiting western Dooars. There is Suntalekhola Resort of WBFDC located in the vicinity. This accommodation is popularly also known as Suntalekhola River Camp. Our Homestay is the last private residence before you enter the forest area near WBFDC resort.



Humro Home here is a Suntalekhola Homestay located at Samsing in Dooars area within Darjeeling district. The Homestay is situated at an unique location where the mighty Himalaya begins to raise its head from Dooars plain. The area is surrounded by forest and a local village Faribusty.

Getting There

Getting There

From New Jalpaiguri rail station, our Homestay is two and half hours drive. If you are travelling from Bagdogra airport the travel time would be thirty minutes more. Wherever you are coming from, you have to reach Chalsa crossing of Dooars from where a north bound road will take you to Samsing 15 kms away. From Samsing bus stand, our resort is another 4.5 kms away. Shared vehicles are available from all over the region to reach Chalsa and from Chalsa to Samsing. But for the last 4.5 kms, it is little difficult to arrange a vehicle unless prebooked. We do arrange for vehicles on request by our guests.

The Distance and expected travel time from places around are given below.
Siliguri – 85 kms, 2.5 Hours
Jalpaiguri – 65 kms, 2 hours
Lataguri – 40 kms, 1.25 hours
Jaldapara – 80 kms, 2 hours
Kalimpong – 100 kms, 3 hours
Darjeeling – 110 kms, 3.5 hours
Gangtok – 150 kms, 4.5 hours



The weather at Suntalekhola is mild throughout the year. Although the place is about 2000 feet above mean sea level. The Himalaya is yet to start and you do not feel being in the hills.

During the high summer, you will rarely need to use electric fan. During the day sometimes the temperature may go up a little but it soon comes down to comfortable level in the afternoon, nights are always pleasant and not hot here. Winter here is also not harsh. The minimum temperature during winter rarely goes below 8 degree celcius.

Rain here is heavy as this is where the Himalaya creates the first resistance for the cloud. June to September you can expect heavy rain here though some rain is common almost throughout the year.



Our Homestay offers birds view of the valley down below. You may end up spending a lot of time in your room and the veranda around. If you feel like walking, walk down to the Suntalekhola river hardly a few minutes walk away. This is a common tourist attraction that brings tourists from all around and you will find it a privilege to stay so close to the attraction. About 5 kms uphill trek will take you to Mouchaki beat of Neora Valley National Park. A point worth visiting for the views even if you are not a wildlife or birding enthusiasts. The Rocky Island is just 4 kms away and can be reached in less than 10 minutes by vehicle.

If you want to travel further, the entire Western Dooars can be visited by making your base here. Gorumara forests is 45 minutes drive, the Chilapata forests are not much further either. The Jaldhaka Paren Bindu is about an hour through a short cut road that not every driver is aware of. Even the Jaldapara forests can be part of your day visit itinerary from here.

The Property

The Home Stay

Its a two storied small home of the Bhujel family. The ground floor is accommodation of the host and upstairs two rooms are being constructed for the visiting guests. One of the rooms face the valley with view of forest, tea garden and vast plains ahead, the other room is slightly smaller with view towards the Fari Busty village nearby.


The Food

Hosts here are well groomed in hospitality and they have been managing the affairs of the Forest Resort for quite some time. Food as in all the homestays around, is sumptuous, hygienic but basic. If you are very specific about your food, you should discuss your requirement with our helpdesk before confirming the booking. Last moment requests on the spot may not be served as the nearest market is at Mateli about 12 kms away. Standard food consist of Rice, Roti, Chicken, Fish, Egg, vegetables etc. A menu can be found at the Homestay room where further details about the food is mentioned.



You may book through the online reservation system on top left of this page or by calling 1800-123-3759 (Toll Free)..

Glimpses of Samsing Suntalekhola Homestay

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Front View of Humro Home Suntalekhola
Room With View
Road facing room
Road facing Room
View of the forest and valley from Humro Home Suntalekhola
View of Faribasty from the Home Lodge
The Home Lodge as viewed from Faribusty
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