How to reach Latpanchar, Ahal and Sittong

Latpanchar, Ahal and Sittong are neighbouring villages close to Siliguri town. The places can easily be accessed from all major destinations of Darjeeling and Sikkim. Humro Home is located at Ahal dara that is 3 kms from Latpanchar and about a km above Sittong village.

Following is a list of different places and distance from Latpanchar

Place Distance Time Description
Darjeeling 85 kms 3.5 Hrs Through Peshok road, Teesta Bazar, Kalijhora
Darjeeling 65 kms 2.5 Hrs Through Bagora and Mamring
Kalimpong 55 Kms 2 Hrs Through NH31A and Kalijhora
Siliguri 48 Kms 1.5 Hour Through Sevok and Kalijhora
Siliguri 55 kms 2 Hours Through Sukna and Rongtong
Gangtok 115 Kms 4.5 Hours Through NH31A and Kalijhora


From NJP / Bagdogra / Siliguri To Ahal / Latpanchar


From New Jalpaiguri rail station / Bagdogra Airport / Siliguri, you may travel to Latpanchar / Ahal through two different routes. The main road and the shorter route passes through National Highway 31A via Sevok and Kalijhora. This is the main road connecting Sikkim with Bengal. About 30 kms from Siliguri and 40 kms from Bagdogra / NJP, you reach Kalijhora. Here you take a left turn and climb uphill through forests of Sal trees. About 17 kms uphill drive will take you to Latpanchar. If you intend to go to Sittong or Ahal, you have to continue for another 3 kms.

The alternative route is through Sukna. This is State Highway 55 connecting Siliguri with Darjeeling. About 20 kms from Siliguri and about 30 kms from Bagdogra / NJP, you reach Rongtong. Take the right turn and drive through Sepoydhura and Norbung Tea garden for about 8 kms to reach Shiv Khola. Move on to Simring village on the same route. Keep an eye on the right and you will soon see the source of river Mahananda few kms ahead. A few kms ahead you will reach Simring where you will reach the main road connecting Bagora with Latpanchar. Take a right turn and drive for about 8 kms to reach Ahal / Latpanchar. About a km before Ahal top, on your right side you will find the Namthing Pokhri, the lake famous for Himalayan Salamandar.

The first route is the main road and takes less time. The second route is less travelled and will have much less traffic. Please consult our travel experts about the latest road condition before taking either of the routes.

From Darjeeling to Ahal / Latpanchar / Sittong

From Darjeeling you can either travel through Peshok road or through Bagora. The Peshok road is the main road and is normally in better condition. But the distance through this route is about 85 kms and takes about 3.5 hours. This route travels from Darjeeling to Ghoom and then to Teesta Bazar through Peshok road. Continue downhill till Kalijhora and then take a right turn and travel uphill for about 18 kms to reach Ahal / Latpanchar / Sittong area.

The Bagora route is mostly used by the locals. Here you have to drive from Darjeeling till Dilaram on the Darjeeling Kurseong highway. From Dilaram take a left turn and drive about 2 kms to reach Bagora. This is a small village on the old cart road. A number of roads have met at Bagora. Unless you are sure which road to take, ask a local as roads here can be confusing. From Bagora you have to travel through Turuk and reach Ahal / Sittong / Latpanchar area. This route is about 65 kms and should take about 2.5 hours drive. Confirm with our executives about the road condition before starting.

From Gangtok to Ahal / Latpanchar / Sittong

From Gangtok you have to follow the National Highway 31A connecting Sikkim with Bengal. After entering Bengal about 30 kms before you reach Siliguri, you will be at Kalijhora, take a right turn and follow the uphill road for about 17 kms to reach Latpanchar. Ahal and Sittong is about 3 kms ahead on the same road. The total distance through this route is about 115 kms and takes about 4.5 hours drive.

From Kalimpong to Ahal / Latpanchar / Sittong

From Kalimpong you basically follow the same route as from Gangtok. You join NH 31A near Teesta and your travel distance would be about 50 Kms and should take about 2 hours to reach.