Places of Interest

The most of the Darjeeling hills was once inhibited by the Lepcha people. The name Latpanchar is also a Lepcha word meaning land where Cane grows. Even today a good number of Lepcha people live in Latpanchar as well as its surrounding area such as Shittong. The village is situated at an altitude of about 4500 feet. Ahal Dara has an altitude of about 5000 feet.


Latpanchar and its surrounding area is a bird watchers paradise. Sultan Tit is a beautiful birds that draws people from all over the country to this village. Other common birds seen in the area include Red headed Trogan, Oriental Hornbill, Rufous Hornbill, Long tailed Hornbill, Chestnut bellied thrush, black throated sunbird, Chestnut headed Tesia, Common green magpie, Darjeeling Woodpecker, Orange bellied Leafbird, Oriental cuckoo.

Ahal Dara

This is not only the location of Humro Home tourist accommodation but also common sight seeing point for the locals and tourists alike. Before we build our eco-resort here, the place was considered to be Sunrise point. Often visitors compare the view from here to that of the more famous Tiger Hill sunrise point. Even if you are not staying at Ahal, a visit to this hilltop is a must for tourists.


About 3 kms from Latpanchar village is the location of Latkothi. It is a forest bungalow located at the Northern fringe of Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary. It is one of the favourite haunts for bird watchers and photographers. From your vantage location you can see the entire plains of North Bengal in front of you including Siliguri town, Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary, Teesta River and parts of Dooars.

Namthing Pokhri

This is a lake about 4 kms from Latpanchar and about 500 meters from Ahal. The lake remains dry for about 6 months in a year and is famous as home of Himalayan Salamander, a rare and highly endangered species. The lake is about 5 minutes walk from our Ahal Eco-resort.

Shittong Orange Orchards

About a kilometre from Ahal resort and about 4 kms from Latpanchar is the Shittong village. The village has a number of orange orchards and the view of the gardens during the orange season is enticing. Please note that you may only take pictures of the oranges and do not pluck them from the tree directly without permission of the orchard owner.