The plains of Buxa Tiger Reserve mostly witness mild temperature except for a few days in May when the weather may become quite hot. The highest temperature rarely goes above 30˚c and the lowest rarely touches 5˚c. The Monsoon months between July and September witnesses heavy to very heavy rainfall. Average annual rainfall at Rajabhatkhawa is about 3750 mm. Average rainfall in the entire Tiger reserve is about 4100 mm with the northern part having slightly higher rainfall than the south. Humidity remains between 80 to 90% with the monsoon months having highest humidity and the winter months having the least. Heavy wind and cyclone is a rarity but may occur occasionally during April-May and sometimes during September-October period.

November – February

The winter months are the most comfortable for travel to Buxa. The day temperature remains between 12˚c to 21˚c. This is the dry period with December being the driest. Night temperature may go down well below 10 ˚c. Worm clothing is a must. Dense fog lingers in the morning and early evening.

March – April

The day temperature varies between 22˚c to 26˚c. Occasional showers may occur, so it is safer to carry an umbrella.


These are the summer months and the hottest. Average temperature 27˚c to 32˚c. Carry light cotton clothing, sunscreen and sunglass to travel during these months.

July – September

This is the rainy season. The forests are the greenest and looks most beautiful. But this is also the mating season for wildlife and the forest remains closed for tourists between 15th June and 15th September every year. Average temperature 25˚-30˚c. Heavy rain occasionally leads to minor flooding. The last major flood occurred in 1993. In the past the roads were often damaged and the Reserve remained cut off during Monsoon months. Presently the road condition has improved and accessibility is better. 


This is the beginning of the festival season and start of the high season for tourism. Weather is mostly pleasant with clear sky and good visibility. Evening weather begins to get little cold. Day temperature varies between 23˚-26˚c. Rain stops by the first week of October.