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Mr.Penjo Bhutia


Mr. Bhutia is a monk. Apart from his homestay, he also runs a free school and orphanage for the local children who have no family or are very poor. He takes no charges for lodging, food or tuition of the orphanage.

He is assisted in the day to day running of the homestay by the local youth. He started this homestay about 6 years ago since the Silk Route is popular amongst tourists.


Immerse yourself in nature. Enjoy the uninterrupted views of the majestic mountains and the unique sight of the Zigzag road crisscrossing across the mountain valleys.

The surrounding forest area has a multitude variety of birds and hence birdwatchers would enjoy spending time here.

Things to See

The main attractions are visits to Zuluk, Zigzag road, Kupup Elephant Lake, the Yak Golf course (highest golf course in the world, at over 13,000 ft), Tsomgo Lake and Old Baba Mandir (which has the bunker of the legendary Baba Harbhajan Singh).

This is part of a full day tour package. You will start with your homestay in the morning and be back by the evening.


At 8000 ft., Padamchen experiences very pleasant weather all year round. Summer temperatures range between...

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Padamchen is a small village, part of the Old Silk Route, which connects India and Tibet. The place is located about 10 km before Dzuluk (pronounced Zuluk). Our lodge here is a 9 room large accommodation which can accommodate as many as 50 tourists at a time.

The Property

Humro Home Mandala at Phadamchen is located just 100 meters above the forest check-post. It is a two-storeyed building built along the slope. The entrance to the main levels is just below the parking area. The first level has 5 rooms with an open dining space which overlooks a balcony. The second level has 4 rooms with a common large balcony as well. The structure is made of brick and mortar.
There is another level below the first one which houses the orphanage children. The entrance to that is separate. Guests can interact with the children if they wish.

The exterior/interior

View of the entrance of the accommodation
Our Balcony with the owner of the property
View from the homestay
The large Balcony
Seating area
Guests enjoying sunset


Our homestay is located at an altitude of 8000 ft. Since other places on the SIlk route, like Zuluk, Gnathang, Kupup, etc are located at higher altitudes (12,000 ft and above) where it is difficult to get amenities like geyser, etc, and there is likely to be water problems, Padamchen is a better base for tourists since these amenities are available here.

Since Rongli town has the closest medical facilities, it is also safer to stay at Padamchen, especially for senior tourists.

Room Tariff

GST Extra as per prevailing rates

Getting There

From NJP / Bagdogra, one route takes you via Rangpo to Rongli. Drive 79 Kms to Rangpo and from there carry on for another 35 Kms to Rongli. Rongli to Mandala homestay is about 24 Kms.

The second route is via Kalimpong and Rishikhola border to Rongli. The total journey would be about 113 Kms.

Nearby Places

Rongli (about 24 Kms) Aritar (30 Kms)

Rongli is the closest town with shopping and other facilities. Aritar town is famous famous for Aritar Lake.

Room Images

About Rooms

  • There are 9 rooms in total, all with attached Western style washrooms having modern amenities like a geyser.
  • Of the rooms, four are 4-bedded and five are 2-bedded.

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