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About Humro Home Dawaipani Siddharth Homestay

There is a story behind the name Dawaipani. It is said that many decades ago, a Britisher was riding his horse in this area when he was bitten by an insect and his leg was infected. In futile search of medical aid, he stopped to drink some water from a stream flowing nearby and also cleaned the infected part of his leg with the water. The legend goes that his leg was thereafter miraculously healed and this story led to the village being christened “Dawaipani”, which literally means “Water that heals”. However, there is no such spring in the village itself as of now. There are some mineral springs further down the hill and inside the deep forests that can be reached on foot.

Dawaipani is a village just 20 km from Darjeeling town. It is located on the hill behind Darjeeling. If you have ever been to Darjeeling Mall and have seen the hills towards the east of the town, Dawai Pani would be the village just directly opposite to you. 

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