About Humro Home

Humro Home is a network of Homestay, eco-resort and Home lodges in eastern Himalaya. Our primary area is Sikkim, Darjeeling and Dooars region.

The system is developed, managed and operated by naturebeyond, a two-decade-old travel organization from the region.

The difference between Humro Home and normal hotel web portal is that we are not a simple accumulator of accommodations inventor. We also ensure service standards at the Homestay. Our two decades of experience in customer service comes to full use when we ensure guest satisfaction at our Homestay. Humro Home is not a web portal, it is a brick and mortar company with people working in the rural villages of eastern Himalaya. We just make the use of available technology through the website.

Humro Home conceptualized in late 2015, and it was formally launched in June 2016 with just 6 accommodations. Ever since we have been growing at exponential speed. Thanks to all our guests and well-wishers for making our journey a successful one so far.

Here is the brief about Team Humro Home

Amrita is the youngest of our team, she takes care of guest communication. Whether it is checking the availability of accommodation or giving direction to a Homestay, she is your primary point of contact.

Deepak is our trouble-shooter, whether in the office or on the field, he has an indomitable spirit of never saying no.

KD is the quintessential vagabond. Work or no work, he spends better part of the month travelling through the hills and the plains. He connects with the villagers and lives like one of them. KD leads the ground operations and Homestay networking for us.

Partha is the brain behind Humro Home and a director of naturebeyond. He is passionate about Humro Home and spends a disproportionate amount of his time on this passion-driven project.

And of course the rest of the team of naturebeyond who provides the backdrop of our services

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