About Humro Home

Humro Home is a network of Homestay, and Home lodges in eastern Himalaya. Our primary area of operation is Sikkim, Darjeeling and Dooars area.

Humro Home is not just a homestay booking website. We are the people on the ground. We not only arrange for your stay, but we also ensure you stay at the best homestays and that the service standards are maintained. Humro Home is a team working in the rural areas of eastern Himalaya.

Humro Home was conceptualized in late 2015, and it started its journey in June 2016 with 6 homestays. We have been growing at a fast pace ever since. Thanks to all our guests and well-wishers for making our journey a successful one so far.

Here is the brief about the core members of Team Humro Home

Debolina is the youngest member of our team. She prefers to spend the day talking and smiling. We found the ideal job for her in guest communication. Whether it is checking the availability of accommodation or giving direction to a Homestay, she is always ready to help.

Amrita is part of Humro Home team since its inception. She has played a variety of role for Humro Home and has filled in wherever there was a gap. Her sincere and thorough nature has allowed us to give her the responsibility of maintaining the background documentation and system maintenance.

KD spends better part of the month travelling through the hills and the plains. He is also an avid biker and a car rally specialist. He has a clear preference to spend the day at a village rather than in our central office. He has found his ideal job in networking and coordinating with the Homestays in villages of the region.

Jeet takes care of our guest communication. When he is not traveling in the hills, he is mostly seen with his cell phone to his ear. His involvement with our guests goes much beyond the call of duty and working hours. Before joining Humro Home, Jeet has spent more than 2 decades in sales and marketing across India.

Partha is the entrepreneur who conceptualized Humro Home. He is highly passionate about Humro Home and spends a disproportionate amount of time on this passion-driven project.

And of course the rest of the team of naturebeyond who provides the backdrop of our services

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