Rules for Guests

  1. Check out time is 11 AM. Check-in time at 12 Noon.
  2. The eco-resort caters no room service.
  3. Breakfast is served between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM in the morning.
  4. Lunch is served between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM in the afternoon.
  5. Dinner is served between 8 PM and 10 PM in the evening.
  6. Food served will be as per the menu. Additional food if any must be ordered at least 2 hours in advance.
  7. Guests must lock their doors and windows when not in the room. Management will not be liable for loss or damage to the guests' belongings.
  8. Do not wash the cloth in the Toilet.
  9. Please maintain silence. Do not shout, play music, blow a horn or make noise.
  10. Keep fire away. Do not kindle fire, Do not throw away lighted matches, cigarettes etc.
  11. Keep the area clean. Do not litter plastic, paper, etc.
  12. Do not hunt, destroy, remove or collect any forest produce.

Booking and Cancellation Rules

  1. Booking will be confirmed only after payment of the full amount in advance.
  2. Standard Cancellation rule.
    * 60 days or more – 10% of the total amount.
    * 30 to 59 days – 25% of the total amount.
    * 10 to 29 day – 50% of the total amount.
    * 1 to 9 days – 75% of the total amount.
    * Cancellation on the day of arrival or no show – No refund
  3. The Cancellation policy will not be applicable during peak season such as Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, Summer season etc.
    * The peak season cancellation rule is as below
    * 60 days or more – 10% of the total amount.
    * 45 to 59 days – 25% of the total amount.
    * 30 to 44 days – 50% of the total amount.
    * 10 to 29 day – 75% of the total amount.
    *  0 to 9 days – No Refund

Upcoming Dates when peak season cancellation rules are applicable
21-12-2019 to 4-1-2020
11-4-2020 to 20-6-2020

In case our service experts communicate a different cancellation rule to you through email, then that rule will be applicable instead of this standard rule.

Hamro Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is free to change the cancellation rules as and when necessary without any notice or information.

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