Gnathang Valley Homestay


About Gnathang

Gnathang is a high altitude valley in East Sikkim. The Gnathang valley is part of the famous silk route that used to connect Indian city of Kalimpong with Lhasa in Tibet and was used for trade in Silk and Wool in the past when Tibet was an independent country. The Gnathang valley is situated at an altitude of 13,500 feet. The place is very close to the Indo-Tibet border. Only Indian tourists are allowed to visit Gnathang valley, foreign nationals are prohibited for going there. Even Indian tourists have to take special permission from Rongli police station and the duration of a tour to the area must be limited to 2 to 3 days only. There are several homestays in the valley to accommodate guests. All the homestays offer basic amenities. Do not expect anything fanciful here. Please note that this is a high altitude destination. Visitors must be well accustomed and acclimatized to the high altitude before visiting Gnathang and staying here. Problems such as altitude sickness are common for tourists here.

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