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Mairung Gaon is a hamlet only 8 km from Algarah and 20 km from Kalimpong town. It is a new destination on the lap of the Himalayas with pine forests and fresh cold air.

If you are tired of listening to the honks of vehicles and want to wake up to the sound of waterfalls and birds chirping then Mayrong Forest is the place for you. A stay in Mayrong will give you fresh air, lush green vegetation, the scenic beauty of the Himalayas with its flora and fauna and peace of mind. 
Go for a trek to its nearby villages like Duka, Geroke, and 7 steps fall and socialise with villagers or you can sit back and relax with the sounds of birds and songs of crickets at night. 

 Nearby sightseeing: Sangchen Dorjee Monastery, Silent point, Milandara top, Damsang forte, Cross hills, Duka 7 steps falls, Neora Valley National park, Changey falls, Lava, Rikissum, Kolakham, Icchegaon, Ramitey view point, Ramdhura, Canopy walk, Sellery gaon, Dublin, Xeroyong, Nookdara, Pedong, Kalimpong City, Cactus Garden, Hanan Tong, Jalsha Bunglow, Ramdhura, Icchegaon, Cinchona Plantation and many more.

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