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About Chatakpur

Chatakpur is a forest village close to Darjeeling. The village is located in a difficult-to-reach area inside dense forests. Chatakpur is located close to the famous Tiger Hill sunrise viewpoint of Darjeeling. The village has come into prominence in recent years for Chatakpurs homestays and its hospitality as well as the mesmerising view of Kanchenjunga tourists get from here.

The forest village has a total population of about a hundred people with about 2 dozen houses almost all of which have now been converted into homestays. The tourists visiting Chatakpur come here for the unique view of the surrounding hills and pristine natural beauty. The village has several homestays and a forest department-managed bungalow. The altitude of Chatakpur is about 7,800 feet and the weather here is quite cold. Regular snowfall takes place at Chatakpur during the winter.

The major attraction of Chatakpur is nature’s bounty, and the serenity of the place and its people. There is no motorable road inside the village, so one has to walk around. Since the village is on a hill, one has to climb up or down flights of stairs to go from one homestay to another. There is a small pond inside the forest which is considered sacred by the local people, there is also a viewpoint at the top of the hill. Chatakpur is also popular among birding enthusiasts for the variety of species that can be seen here.

How to Reach Chatakpur

Chatakpur can be reached by three different routes. From Bagora (near Kurseong) to Chatakpur is just 12 km through an unpaved road inside dense forests. The time and effort taken to cover this small distance are quite disproportionate. Self-driven cars, small cars etc are strongly recommended not to venture into this route. This is true for all three roads leading to Chatakpur. The second road starts at Sonada and goes straight uphill to reach Chatakpur. This is a shorter route but is considered even worse than the Bagora road. The 3rd route comes via a 3rd-mile checkpost on the Darjeeling – Kalimpong connecting peshok road. The road to being taken for reaching Chatakpur will depend upon your place of origin as well as the present road condition. Consult our experts before visiting here about the route to be taken. Once inside the village, you may have to walk a few stairs to reach your prbooked homestay.

Chatakpur remains closed for visitors between 15th June and 15th September. No tourists are allowed to enter the forest and visit Chatakpur during this period. During the rest of the year as well, a permit for your vehicle is to be taken and a fixed charge is to be paid to the forest department for each person visiting the village. We at Humro Home will take care of your entire permit-related issues when you book one of our homestays here.

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