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Phurba Sherpa


Mr. Phurba Sherpa is a hard working young person from Chatakpur village.

He and his wife Sangeeta goes the extra mile to take care of the guests. Mr. Sherpa is a very amiable and good natured gentleman. When he is not taking care of the guests, you will find him working for his small kitchen garden, taking care of the cattle or maintaining beds of flower. We hardly see him idling around.


Chatakpur is a forest village, it is located within the boundaries of the Senchal forest. Hence there are certain restrictions about activities that can be undertaken in the village. Most tourists visit Chatakpur to enjoy nature’s bounty and great view of the surrounding area including excellent view of Mt. Kanchenjunga range as visible from here on a clear day.

You are not allowed to enter inside the forest which can be risky. The forest is known to have large population of leopards and bear among other animals. Hence venturing alone inside the forest is not recommended. There is a viewpoint on top of the village and close to Humro Home Phurba Homestay. This is the best vantage point for watching the mountains around. You can also go for a small walk around the village, one of the trails will lead you to a small lake inside the forest that the villages consider sacred.

Things to See

Chatakpur is not a place for usual sightseeing around. However interested tourists may visit Darjeeling and surrounding area which all are within a driving time of 1 to 2 hours from here. So you can stroll around the village and forest.

Darjeeling town is about 1.5 hours drive. Rangaroon, Dawaipani or Lamahatta villages can also be reached in similar time. On the other side you can visit Bagora 45 minutes drive away and Sittong area would take about 1.5 hours.


Chatakpur is cold throughout the year. During summer you need to carry light woollens and during winter...

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Chatakpur is a forest village situated under Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary at 7600 ft. Its population consists of only 19 families. Chatakpur came into existence during the time of the British. They required wood to build their homes and therefore put some local villagers to work on felling trees here. Slowly their numbers grew and eventually this small village emerged as an independent location.

The Property

Phurba Homestay of Humro Home is a small Homestay with just 2 rooms. Mr. Phurba Sherpa and his wife together takes care of the guests here. This Homestay is one of the highest buildings in the village. This means you get the best view of the surrounding mountains from here. The popular Chatakpur view point and watch tower is situated very close to the Phurba Homestay.


Food is basic, we do not offer anything luxurious or restaurant like. The villagers will cook simple food and offer you the same. Breakfast consists of Roti sabji or Puri bhaji, lunch is normally of egg, rice and vegetables, and in dinner we offer Roti with chicken, vegetables, dal etc.

There is no restaurant or similar facility here. Hence all accommodations are in AP plan which means your meals are included in your accommodation package. There is couple of small shops selling basic nick-knacks. If you require anything slightly out of the ordinary, you are recommended to bring it here.

The exterior/interior

View of Outside the homestay
Humro Home mobile box made by Phurba
The homestay and the surrounding


Chatakpur is a hilltop not far from Darjeeling town. This is the hill next to the famous Tiger Hill which is famous throughout the world for its great view of Kanchenjunga in the morning. Chatakpur offers almost the same view as it is very similar to tiger hill in terms of altitude and location.

In addition, while you have to drive to Tiger hill in the early morning, Chatakpur is where you will stay overnight and can witness the morning sunrise right from your balcony.

Guest Testimonials

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Dipal Sinha December 2019

A trip worthy to remember. Too good hospitality, all modern ameneties , neat and clean rooms. And picturesque landscape....

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Sourav Paul April 2021

Excellent Location, homely atmosphere, amiable hospitality. Nearest from the view point. Kanchanjungha through window. Go for it...

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Saptashwa Misra June 2019

Excellent homestay...... One of the best in Chatakpur...... Worth coming up the difficult journey...... It is advisable to contact Mr Purba Sherpa who will arrange a car to come up (tentative Rs 1500/- will be charged...

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Saptashwa Misra June 2019

Excellent homestay...... One of the best in Chatakpur...... Worth coming up the difficult journey...... It is advisable to contact Mr Purba Sherpa who will arrange a car to come up (tentative Rs 1500/- will be charged...

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Rini Biswas December 2018

Me and my husband stayed at Phurba Humro Home. The property is very well maintained, neat and clean. What made the stay excellent is a combination of all essential amenities like power, water, geyser, spacious room...

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Chatakpur .....Located at an altitude of 7,887 feet, Chatakpur is a paradise for nature lovers as one can get a spectacular view of the imposing mountain range of Kanchenjunga and at the same time experience the...

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In Chatakpur Humro Phurba Homestay is one of the best location to stay. The wonderful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from the room. The Homestay owner Phurba Ji and his wife Sangita Ji is very much friendly, there hospitality...

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Getting There

There are three roads that converge at or near Chatakpur. The shortest road starts at Sonada, but the road is not recommended unless you are a local and very conversant with the road condition here. Also there is forest gates on this road which may remain closed. The most common route originates at place named Dilaram on the Kurseong – Darjeeling National Highway 110 also known as the Hill cart road. The road travels a distance of about 14 kms to reach Chatakpur. The third road originates at a place named 3rd mile on the Darjeeling – Kalimpong Peshok road and travels about 12 kms to reach Chatakpur.

The road condition varies between is bad to very bad and it is highly recommended that people unfamiliar with the terrain do not self drive here. Vehicle with high ground clearance is recommended. Take the help of our team to book a vehicle transfer if you need so.

About Rooms

  • There are two rooms here, both the rooms are newly constructed for guest accommodation purpose only. The host stays in his own house about 20 feet away, so you as guest as well as the host both get own privacy and yet can contact one another easily. Since we have just 2 rooms here, a two family group is ideal as you will have the entire place to yourself. Both rooms have attached toilets with running hot and cold water. There is a small balcony outside the rooms and a flower garden in front.
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