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Mr. K. C. Lama and Mr. Jiwan


Mr. Lama is one of the well know political figures of the region and had been a very influential leader during the 90's.

Today he is mostly retired from his political activity and lives a peaceful life with his family and guests. He enjoys to narrate stories of those days with the guests. Presently at his retired old life, he is with his wife, daughter and son-in law Mr. Jiwan in the bungalow, Mr. Jiwan looks after the well being of the guests on a day to day basis.


"There are several great places of interests and sightseeing attractions in Tukdah.

1)There are nice soft trekking routes around or you can walk down or take a local taxi tour to some of them beautiful the tea gardens on rolling hills. 2) Visit Orchid Center which spread across vast stretch of area. Here you can see many different kinds of unusual and colorful Himalayan Orchids being cultivated and grown. 3) Visit Tinchuley, another lovely hamlet about 3kms away from Takdah and famous for its lovely views of Himalayan range including the snow peaks of Kanchenjunga and spectacular sunrise views. 4) Lamahatta Village with its magnificent gardens and views of Kanchenjunga is about 12kms from Takdah (40 minutes). 5) Another nearby place is Mongpu where you can visit the orchid nurseries, the famous museum of poet Rabindranath Tagore, and see the vast Cinchona plantations. 7) Visit the lovely orange orchards located in Bara and Chota Mangwa (both about 12kms from Takdah). The small factories here produce fresh orange juice and you can buy a few bottles of them. Tastes delicious and absolutely fresh. 8) A great place to visit by car is Triveni - the confluence of rivers Teesta & Rangeet. 9) Visit the Durpin Viewpoint located about 10kms from Takdah. You can get a spectacular view of Teesta river meandering through the mountain landscapes. You can also get lovely view of Kanchenjunga from here. 10) Peshoke Tea Garden Viewpoint is about 14kms away and offers wonderful view of the tea gardens on hill slopes. "

Things to See

1) Bara and Chota Mangwa. 2) Dawai pani. 3) Chatakpur.


Located at an altitude of 5100 feet/ 154dkfgl5 meter.

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The Takdah Heritage bungalow is located about 500 meters from the main Takdah market in a serene and peaceful surrounding.

The Property

Humro Home Heritage Bungalow is one of the British Heritage Bungalows which will remind you of the old reminiscent charm of the British period. Built in the year 1912, the Bungalow is located at an altitude of 1545 meter or 5100 feet at the mid-range of the Himalayas surrounded by lush green vegetation and forests as well as with beautiful tea gardens.

Resort Amenities

Our Heritage Bungalow is located adjacent to the main road and has a personal jeep-able road right up to the doorstep.

The famous orchid nursery is 2 minutes drive and 15 minutes walk from this property.


Simple North Indian (Nepali) food, which includes Rice (Bhat), Lentil soup (Dal) with Vegetables (Sabji) and Non-veg. (Egg/Chicken/ Pork/ Beef) in the main course

and Plain Chapati ( Roti) Fried Chapati (Puri/Paratha) with Egg (Boiled/Omelet) and vegetables is served for Breakfast.

The exterior/interior


Takdah is famed for its heritage British Bungalows, its scenic mountain views and lovely tea garden estates.

In the days of the Raj, Takdah served as a prominent British Cantonment. The area surrounding the tea gardens is also yet another primary attraction of Takdah where you can find luscious forests of pine and cedar trees with beautiful gardens of local orchid flowers. The temporal view of nature’s wilderness beauty can be viewed effortlessly from these heritage bungalows that are located in Takdah. Every morning one can enjoy the panoramic view of the tea gardens with regular sightings of tea plucking activities carried out by local women of the region.

Getting There

There are two ways to reach Tuldah, Via Jorebunglow - If you are travelling from Darjeeling or from Kurseong, first reach Jorebunglow, which is a kilometer away from Ghoom railway station.

In Jorebunglow the main road (Hill cart road) disperses into two more roads. One uphill towards Tiger hill sunrise point and the other on the left towards Gangtok and Kalimpong. Take this road towards Gangtok and Kalimpong, which is locally know as the Peshoke road. Drive until you reach 6 mile (Chaa mile) which is about 6 km from Jorebunglow. From 6 mile the road towards Tukdah, is a narrow turn through small shops and garages. From this point Humro Home Heritage Bungalow No. 10 is about 30 min drive and is located in the upper Club side area. 2) Via Teesta Bazar - If you are travelling from Gangtok or Kalimpong, on reaching Teesta Bazar which is towards Siliguri, take the road going towards Darrjeeling via Peshoke Tea garden. The same road runs through 6 mile (Chaa mile) and one follow the road as described above to reach Humro Home Heritage Bungalow No. 10.

Nearby Places

The Orchid center is about 10-15 minute walk from our home stay. A casual walk to the this orchid center would be an idea way to explore the area.

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  • Rooms are large and spacious and have attached bathrooms with western commode. At present Geyser is not fitted. Rooms have large double bed.


  • Prior intimation from the guest if they have a special food or service requirement to be followed.
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